The internal transport of residual and recyclable materials (e.g. sievings, screenings and material from grit chambers in wastewater treatment systems) as well as various media within production processes, has been assured for many years now by spiral and screw conveyors. These systems have proved to be very reliable and versatile. As a "connecting element", we supply the most suitable conveyor technology for your individual application.

In the field of process and waste water technology, we recommend the closed construction of spiral conveyors. Spiral conveyors are characterised by a compact design, insensitivity to clogging, and the option to be designed as a screw compactor for simultaneous dewatering of the conveyed material.


  1. No risk of clogging
  2. No deposits in the medium
  3. Very smooth running
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Dust and odour-proof
  6. Conveyor lengths of up to 20 m achievable
  7. Various materials possible
  8. Several feed and ejection points possible


  1. Materials: Stainless steel 1.4301 or 1.4571
  2. Shaftless spiral screw
  3. Wear inserts made of plastic or steel
  4. Designable as a trough screw conveyor or pipe screw conveyor
  5. Optionally with compression gland design of drive journal
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