Rising wastewater charges place increasingly demanding requirements on in-house wastewater treatment systems. The internally loaded CenterFlow drum screen is a product for tackling many different tasks, designed for solid/liquid separation in the process and waste water area of the widest variety of industrial sectors or municipal sewage treatment plants.

Operating principle

The core element of the CenterFlow is the robust screening drum, in which the particles to be separated are retained and carefully dewatered before discharging from the system. In the machine's infeed chamber, the incoming medium is homogenised and the flow velocity reduced. Tangential flow on the screen surface facilitates effective fine-screening, even of high hydraulic loads. The configuration of the drum allows it to focus not only on rapid discharging of solids but also on slower passage through the drum if the retained solids need to be washed or extensively dewatered.

With a constant rotational speed and low drive power, the CenterFlow drum screen is a reliable component in the company's machine configuration. Its high availability and large number of variants make the widest variety of application areas accessible to this drum screen.


  1. Careful separation and static dewatering of solids
  2. Insensitive to abrasive media
  3. Design-related, optimum hydraulic characteristics of the screening drums
  4. Brushless, self-cleaning operation
  5. No scraper blades required
  6. Equipment with slotted screens
  7. Equipment with perforated screens
  8. Equipment with stainless steel wire mesh
  9. Insensitive to shock solid matter loads
  10. Torsion-free operation of the screening drum with the reliable ABZ drive
  11. Low-wear operating mode
  12. Low operating costs
  13. Fully automatic operation
  14. Fully encased in stainless steel or plastic


  1. Throughput up to 3,000 m³/h
  2. Slot sizes 150 µm to 3 mm
  3. Hole sizes 3 mm to 50 mm
  4. Mesh sizes from 55 µm
  5. Drum diameters from 1000 mm to 1,800 mm
  6. Drum lengths from 1,500 mm to 4,400 mm
  7. Drive: ABZ pinion drive
  8. Materials: 1.4301, 1.4571 and higher grade, PA 66
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