Environmental technology is a term that has become anchored more than ever in people's consciousness. The need is for comprehensive strategies that allow us to intervene efficiently and rapidly in processes that could cause irreparable harm to our natural and immediate environment.

When we talk about service, this means that we commit ourselves completely to your project. No project or system can be handled with standardised processes; they all require individual action and planning. With international expertise and experience in regional circumstances, we are your service provider in matters relating to water recycling as well as water and wastewater treatment.

For more than 30 years now, we have been implementing all sorts of solutions for mechanical water and wastewater treatment in the municipal and industrial sectors.

Good ideas, planning skills and qualified contact partners are a guarantee for the efficiency and functionality of our products.

Regionally specific requirements demand a wealth of experience and international expertise. ABZ solutions comply with economic demands and will continue to meet ecological objectives in future.

A promise that we not only give but also keep. Timely project completion, perfect installation and optimally organised service are the top priorities when it comes to intervention in existing process sequences.

Flexible and modern production techniques and design engineering knowledge spanning multiple industries are our guarantee for precise and durable products. For us, material quality is a matter of course for machines that ensure effective operational reliability for many decades.

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