Compact plants

As a multifunctional plant, the ABZ compact plant combines filtering of wastewater with degritting and grease removal in a single compact system.

Operating principle

Wastewater is pumped or flows freely into the supply tank of the compact plant. The rake integrated in the supply tank removes the separable solids from the supply tank and discards them into the downstream ABZ IWV screenings washer or a container. The wastewater polluted with organic matter and sand flows directly from the supply tank into the aerated grit chamber. The free fats and lightweight fractions are conveyed by the turbulent flow predominating in the grit chamber through a lamella curtain into the grease trap installed parallel to the grit chamber. The generated floating layer is cleared away automatically and fed to a separate collection container.

The deposited sand is fed by a horizontal screw conveyor located in the hopper bottom directly into a flange-mounted sand trap system or a steeply inclined discharge conveyor.

Modular construction

With its modular construction, the ABZ compact plant can be equipped appropriately for the individual wastewater conditions. Along with all types of filter screen, the system is also equipped with drum screens in the inlet. The different types of solid matter are removed separately from the plant and discharged into containers or fed into further treatment stages.


  • Fully enclosed, stainless steel construction
  • Short installation time
  • Complete input stage in compact design
  • Low-maintenance operational management
  • Retrofitting of individual components possible, such as sand washer and screenings washer
  • Adaptable to changing wastewater conditions

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